Preston C. Racette
"Marketing Expert"

Aaron J. Walsh
Serial Entrepreneur
"Business Expert"

I’ve seen it.

I’ve envisioned something more, something better.

I’ve observed making a difference, letting in those little bits of light.

I’ve experienced a better world and a higher quality of life.

I’ve built it.

I’ve used my insights to develop clever strategies.

I’ve shaped the future by creativity connecting the dots.

I’ve experienced the completed reality.

Preston Racette, PR, Racette Group Sudbury

Preston C. Racette

Founder, Marketing Management Specialist

Racette Group


I’ve failed...

I’ve highly trained someone that set out to compete against me.

I’ve had to shut down my restaurant due to unexpected expenses.

I’ve lost everything I owned financially... twice.

I’ve succeeded...

I’ve sold Dot Com Deliveries, my delivery business.

I’ve built Pita To Go, a quick-service restaurant with 5 locations.

I’ve started SalesCo and grossed over $1,000,000 within my first 2 years.

Aaron Walsh Signature, Racette Group Sudbury

Aaron J. Walsh

Business Management Specialist

Racette Group